30 Days of Juicing – Williams-Sonoma Taste

I am ready to seriously start a 30 day re-boot program Joe. And a life change. I have juiced before 20+ years ago when I learned from a homeopath midwife. I now am 5’6″ , 365 lbs. and 53, built like a linebacker from years of working like a man and now alone,(I love my life now) But! I transformed my house into my personal gym, and have a couple of juicer and the “know how”, I need to be involved in your charts, recipies, comments, and insperations. And any help I get. I would love to send you pictures of my progress as my personal reward, I am modest about photos, so don’t worry abouut me being a nut. I live pretty isolated, and need association and insperation to keep it up, about what I feel isn’t a waist of my money, juicing and excersizing. I it easier for me to do something for others than myself, so become my ,”someone who cares.” I will ask GOD to supply the Will. But think of me out there and I hope to meet you some day, you JOE, and Cris Powell are my insperation. I know I can loose a couple hundred pounds and still be 165. So, hey, it isn’t like I expect to be twiggy, just the old Peggy. I was an amazing athlet in my twenties 130 lbs., worked [email protected] 30 as a Mining Driller at 250lbs, and skipped up to my 50’s as a feller of trees, yes a “Faller”, and have good muscel memory and good health, no pills, not even vitamens, I have a knee replacement that ended my career, but I need not to work to support my self now and have the time at 53 adn a blooming 365 lbs. I have healed good and love my knee replacement, I can “boot-camp” myself disaplined. I also love living and am willing to put all my focus into.. ME! I don’t need people, they are a lot of work, I only say this so you can get a feel for my family commentments. NO husband, and no intention of allowing another one in. 23 years of marriage was enought for me. I have good kids and grandkids and they all live far away. So I am ALLOWED to focus on ME for once in my life. I NEED to re-boot, my life, staying alive depends on it. It is the last day of 2012 today. I hope by spring I am back walking a mile or two as a daily reutine just for starters. for now, I bought home equipment, a recumber bike,( top of the line from Cosco,) for $1,000.00, wish I had access to a stair stepper to buy, I noticed trying these out in a gym, and they do not hurt my joint after long work outs, But just putting this out there, I feel like I am writting to Santa, and I don’t even celebrate holidays, my life is lived in the deep woods, I come to town weekdays to use a computer even. Ha Ha. Well any help sent my way is comsidered a blessing, I will keep track of my progress to share my story with others who would like to get healthy,after my story is built, and using your help from HOW TO NOT, Be Fat, sick, and nearly Dead. Again I hoe to take a walk with Joe some day, and meet Cris. Without being on TV. Sincerly Ms.Peggy